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Estimating Software To Help Client Relationships Flourish

Estimates put you and your client on the same page from kickoff to billing. FreshBooks estimating software supports your business every step of the way.

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Get Your Invoices Out the Door Faster

FreshBooks estimating software, transforms your custom project estimates into ready-to-pay invoices in a flash. You’ll save time billing and pocket your money sooner.

Easily Create Proposals That Win New Projects

Create Proposals That Win New Clients

Showcase your value with custom Proposals. Outline project scope, timeline and deliverables and send to prospects with just one click. You’ll save time switching between other apps or emails with our estimating solution.


Kick Off Projects With Clarity

Stop wasting time wondering when work will begin. FreshBooks estimating software lets clients approve projects fast, so you’re off to the races with confidence.

Kickoff Projects without Confusion

More Ways FreshBooks Makes Estimation Easy

  • Track estimate status from viewed to accepted
  • Turn an estimate into an invoice
  • Have your clients accept estimates online
  • View and respond to client feedback about an estimate
  • Preview estimates and quotes before sending
  • Easily add a discount
  • Send estimates in your preferred currency
  • Create and email an estimate from anywhere with the FreshBooks mobile app
  • Easy to customise so you can look professional and showcase your brand

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Did You Know…

FreshBooks is used and trusted by small business owners in over 160 countries.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can my clients access my estimates online?

Yes, clients can access your Estimates whenever it’s convenient for them. They can accept or ask you questions all from within the FreshBooks estimating software, which makes the estimating process easier for you.

When you send Estimates to your Clients, they receive an email with a link to view the Estimate. From here, they can view the Estimate online.

Learn more about our estimating software and how your clients interact with Estimates here.

Get a quick intro to estimates in this short video.

If my client accepts an estimate, how do I bill them for the work?

You can easily convert your Estimate into an Invoice and collect payment. Once the Estimate has been reviewed by your Client, you can click on the “More Actions” button on the Estimate and then select “Convert to Invoice”. You will then be taken to the New Invoice page, where you can build the rest of your Invoice. You can either send the Invoice to your client or save it as a draft.

Learn more about our estimating software and converting estimates to invoices here.

Get a quick intro to estimates in this short video.

Before creating and sending an estimate can I customize it?

Yes, you can customize the style of your project estimate in the following ways:

  • Template – You can choose between Simple or Modern, for the option of having a logo in a corner, or a wide banner across the top of your Estimate.
  • Theme Colour – This will change the colour of your headings (e.g., Description, Rate, Estimate Number). It will also change the banner colour at the top of your Estimate on the Modern template.
  • Font – You can choose between Helvetica (Modern) and Garamond (Classic).
  • Currency & Language – Here you’re able to change the currency or language (either English or French) of the Estimate for your client.
Can I create estimates on my mobile phone?

Yes, you can use the FreshBooks estimating software on your iOS and Android device. Creating Estimates from within the FreshBooks app is slightly different for iOS and Android devices. Click the links below for details.

Learn more about creating estimates on iOS here.

Learn more about creating estimates on Android here.

Get a quick intro to the mobile app in this short video.

Think this looks simple? FreshBooks makes ridiculously easy invoicing, too. Learn more about FreshBooks.

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