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Open the door to more opportunities, connections and growth through one of the FreshBooks partner programs.

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Connect to over 30 Million People Who Have Used FreshBooks

Utilise our proven channels to expand your network, create value for your audience or give your product offering a boost.

Partnering with FreshBooks means growing your business with one of the most user-friendly accounting applications available.

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Create a valuable conversion-driving integration with your company’s application.


FreshBooks is an excellent educational support tool for the classroom.


Promoting FreshBooks through your digital content means earning attractive commissions.


Generate revenue by leveraging your network to drive FreshBooks trials.


Put the FreshBooks API to work and provide your customers with even more value.


Get a $25 gift card every time one of your referrals buys a FreshBooks plan.

The Team at FreshBooks makes being a part of their Affiliate Program beneficial to our audience of Small Business Owners. For the past two years, FreshBooks has provided industry insight, knowledge, and professionalism as we have continued to scale our partnership. Thank you and your Team for always being available and fun to work with!
Jason Morrison


3 Rings on average for your support call to be answered
30 Million+ People have used FreshBooks worldwide
160+ Countries have used FreshBooks

Award-Winning Customer Support

When it comes to customer support the FreshBooks Support Team walks the talk, winning countless awards and backing up their reputation on the phones and through email every day.

For any issue, big or small, contact FreshBooks Support by email and phone between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm EST. You’ll speak to a real person, not a robot, and never be transferred to another department.

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