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Work Anywhere with the FreshBooks Mobile Accounting App

Keep your finger on the pulse of your small business wherever you are. With the FreshBooks mobile accounting app, you will easily stay connected with your clients and be able to take care of your accounting anywhere – from coffee shop to mountaintop..

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Create Professional Looking Invoices on the Go

Just finished delivering that big project? Send your client an invoice right from their office and get paid by the time you get home.

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Say Goodbye to Paper Receipts

Picking up the tab for a client lunch or buying supplies to start a new project? Snap a picture of the receipt and capture your expense in seconds.

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Stay on Top of Your Important Conversations

Respond to your clients’ questions and feedback right from the mobile accountingso even when you’re on the go, your conversations are kept in one place.

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Never Miss an Update

Know instantly when a client has viewed their invoice or when an invoice has become overdue so you can always stay on top of your business.

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Always Be in Sync

FreshBooks stays in sync across the desktop and the mobile accounting app so you can work on whatever device you prefer without missing any important information.
Always be in Sync

All the Powerful Features of the
FreshBooks App

  • Create and send professional invoices
  • Snap pictures of receipts
  • Manage expenses on the go
  • Stay on top of important updates
  • Chat with clients
  • Data synced across all devices

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I access my business info from the FreshBooks mobile app?

Yep. Your information is synced across all your devices so you can always access your data wherever you are, on whichever device you’d prefer.

Are all the same features available in the mobile app?

The mobile accounting app allows you to run your business right from your mobile device including sending invoices, logging expenses, and tracking time. Some features (like reporting) are only available from your desktop though.

Which devices can I access the FreshBooks app from?

You can download the FreshBooks mobile accounting app from any iPhone or iPad running iOS 9.0 or higher and any Android device running Android 4.2 or higher. You can access your FreshBooks account from any mobile browser though, regardless of device.

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